For more than many years, Kalamatainfo has successfully designed and implemented radio advertising and marketing plans for many potential clients. We provide a complete package solution right from creating a powerful message to ensuring it is best placed on all the media to target the audience to achieve your business objectives and goals.


Television is changing, so we too change as per the user's interest. Whether you're on both sides (buying side or the selling side) of the TV advertising business, we streamline your objectives and equips you with the data you need to successfully plan, manage, and optimize a good TV campaign.


Promote your movie business and improve brand identity through our KalamataInfo film advertising 360-degree solutions. Regularly targeted marketing platforms & content marketing channels, we have an audience reach of 1M+ throughout the year. A couple of seconds of movie promotion is a cost-effective way to target new & existing customers.

Print Media

When content is significant & static, it holds a greater impact than anticipated. Print Media is the preferred choice for marketers for its long-lasting impression if executed wisely. Integrates marketing strategy with innovations to make print media indispensable.

Indoor Advertising

Kalamatainfo offers advertisers numerous platforms to promote a client's brand with a target-specific message to audiences. We provide external and internal options to give your brand the perfect opportunity to create awareness in all the indoor locations.

OOH Media

An exclusive designer’s unique strategy for Outdoor Advertising is needed. Recently, biodegradable outdoor advertising came into the market & running successfully in metros. Now more and more people use transparent LED displays for outdoor advertising. The combination of glass and the transparent LED screen is becoming a trend of advertising. KalamataInfo, we are specializing in the above said.