Art / Painting

KalamataInfo team has professional illustrators who are designed to work with the senior production team like designers & art directors for over five years and can provide you best in class artwork for a client project.

2D Animation

We team up & take the challenge whatever your goal, either is to create a funny animated advertisement or a professional designed How-to video. We build a story that connects people that has convincing content. With our 2D animation either for 15s or feature worthy, every project has got a 5 star from clients.

3D Animation

Come with your imagination & we make a story with our 3D animation services. Out top expertise professionals will have the infinite visions & possibilities that do every project up and running in no time. We are here to complete your dream of expectations, and our character design artists put their creativity soul at best to make every character has life.

Visual Effects

We are driven and owned by leading professional artists & directors, all of whom share a shared vision to create stunning visual content across all channels. We collaborate with top agencies and filmmakers, helping creatives tell their storyboards.